Darling Nikki

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Bursts of lilac springs and purple blossoms set this piece apart from the rest, and makes it one that The Purple One himself would have been proud of.

Shining against a backdrop of golden yellow tulips and dahlias, with fern sprigs and white peonies - this is the most eye catching, majestic of arrangements.

Every bloom on each So Long Marianne piece is carefully selected, curated, arranged and then hand sewn onto a felt base, lined with foliage. The flowers are then mounted onto an antique brass headband and backed with another felt base, which is lined with vintage fabric, for extra comfort and luxurious style.

So Long Marianne creations are fully reversible and can be flipped to be worn on either side of the head to create a different look and display a different arrangement. It's like two pieces in one!

Each piece comes packaged in its very own, hand sewn, drawstring bag crafted from vintage fabric, to ensure the protection, care, and easy transportation, of your piece.

Brass band is 4mm in diameter and is fully adjustable to fit any head size, and can be maneuvered and pinned into an up-do's with ease.